The Guitars I've Built And Other Guitar Stuff

At the time of this writing, I have been playing guitar for approximately 15 years. Prior to picking up guitar, I had played piano for most of my life. In addition, I play a little of quite a few other instruments and sing, but admittedly I do none of them overly well. Because God has a sense of humor, I have been the music leader at two churches for more than 15 years. Prior to that, I had played in several bands that went absolutely nowhere. My biggest claim to musical fame was showing up for a concert (that I thought was just going to be a rehearsal) wearing only my boxer shorts.

Years ago when I was trying to figure out what to do with my life (not that I ever did) I took one of those job-skill aptitude tests where you do a bunch of manual dexterity stuff, answer a bunch of questions about your likes and dislikes, and the computer spits out what job fits you best. I remember sitting in the counselor's office as he went over the results of my test. At the top of the list was "musical instrument repairperson". I can remember the counselor's response after reading this outcome: "Well, you'll never make any money doing that. Hey, how about becoming an electrician?"

So, what we have on the menu at left is the guitars I've built, along with a few other odds and ends to help those who might endeavor to make one of their own. Enjoy!

Me pretending to be Billy Gibbons

This page last updated on 02/16/2015