My Woodworking Projects

To some extent, I have had an interest in woodworking my entire life. I remember getting excited in kindergarten when it was my turn to do the wood craft and I nailed a few strips of wood together to make an "airplane". As I grew older, my projects grew in complexity. I remember making rudimentary shelves, a go-kart, some wooden guitar props (for my air guitar performances on the basement hide-a-bed stage) and numerous speaker boxes. After I graduated from college, I decided to become a bit more serious about this hobby and started purchasing the necessary tools and honing my skills.

So this portion of the site is dedicated to the display of some of my more recent woodworking projects. The links at left are organized with the newest completed projects on top. Also, the more complex projects have been photologged so you can not only see the finished product, but also how I went about building them.

Where the bad projects end up.

This page last updated on 02/16/2015