Welcome To The Tundra Man Workshop!

Hello! I'm glad you stopped by! The main purpose for this site is to blog the various portions of my life. A large percentage is dedicated to the display of pictures of woodworking projects that I have completed and currently have in progress. The construction of some of the projects are "photologged" so you can see how I built them. Along with that, you get a dose of my strange sense of humor and an occasional rant. Frankly, the fact that this site even exists is pretty narcissistic, but if you can get past that little annoyance, you may be entertained. As an added bonus, in the words of Bill Cosby, "if you're not careful you may learn something before we're done." Take your time, snoop around and above all, have fun!

Here's a shot of me with no head. You can see the lump in my sweater where I've got it tucked down. Hey, I was visiting my in-laws at the time. What else did I have to keep myself entertained?

This page last updated on 02/16/2015