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Project Completed December 2002

Project Completed December 2002

Several years ago, I built two of these clocks as Christmas gifts for my parents and in-laws. The plans and components came from Klockit (part number 34532.) Klockit also sells the entire kit, including pre-cut pieces of wood, where all you have to do is glue the pieces together and finish it. I didn't like that approach, so instead I opted to use their plans and my own wood.

When the plans arrived, I noted that they called for 7/8" stock. At the time I didn't have access to 7/8" stock and didn't have a planer to plane down thicker stock to 7/8", so I modified the plans to accomodate the 3/4" stock I did have. Also, the plans called for a special router bit to cut the decorative profile on the front of the clock case. I didn't have this type of bit, and didn't feel like spending the money at the time to purchase the bit, so I cut a decorative profile using my table saw.

I wish I had taken pictures of the construction of the clocks, as the way the case pieces are hollowed out to accept the different layers of the clock components is quite interesting. By the end of the construction process I was nearly resawing through two inches of oak. Sadly, I didn't have access to a digital camera at the time.

Although I made two of these clocks, I only have pictures of the one I gave to my parents. Rest assured, the other one is identical. No, wait, the other one turned out way better! Yeah, that's it, you should have seen the other one...

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