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Project Completed November 2002

Project Completed November 2002

This project was inspired by a plan I saw in Woodsmith magazine. The clock case is made out of 1/2" oak, and the face, hands and movement came from the Klockit company. I made the first of these clocks (the one pictured) early in 2002. After I completed it, I decided that more clocks like this would make great Christmast presents, so I made eight more which I gave to family and friends.

The sides of the clock are set into rabbets cut in the front piece. The top and bottom pieces have chamfered edges, and the back is a piece of 1/4" plywood that sits in a rabbet cut in the sides. I cut the hole for the clock face with a circle cutter, then cut a decorative chamfer around it's edge.

The four decorative pegs in the front sit in through-mortises which I made by drilling a hole with a forstner bit, then squaring the edges with a chisel.

The clock is stained with Minwax Provincial stain, and topped with a water-based poly. I like the quick drying and oderless characteristics of water-based poly, but one thing I discovered on this project is how a water-based poly tends to turn oak a grey color over time. I don't particulary like this grey color, and I prefer the amber tone that oil-based poly gives wood, so I have since switched to oil poly despite the longer drying times and toxic fumes.

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