Life on the frozen tundra of South Dakota Life on the frozen tundra of South Dakota

I love motorcycles. I purchased my first one in early 1994 (a 1978 Honda CX500,) and have had one ever since. For nearly twenty years, when the weather was cooperative, I rode my motorcycle as a main form of transportation. From April through October, the only time I would have driven a car was when I'm hauling passengers or cargo, or if it was raining (and even the rain wasn't always a deterring factor!) I would pull the cycle out of winter storage about the time the temp got above 30 or so in the spring, and wouldn't put it away until the snow flies. In the fall I would end up riding in bitter cold temps, but I would finally conceed defeat to mother nature once there's ice on the ground. Something about being motorized on two wheels and ice that makes me wimp out.

Around 2007 I started occasionally riding my bicycle as my main form of commuting transportation. The amount of times I would commute by bicycle instead of motorcycle slowly increased until around 2015 when I became pretty much a full time bicycle commuter. That doesn't mean I don't love riding motorcycle, just that I love commuting by bicycle even more. And unlike riding motorcycle, when I ride my bicycle I generate a lot of heat which means I can ride bicycle all winter long.

Anyway, I've owned three cycles since I started riding. From the menu at left, you can view information on the last two that I've owned. At this time I haven't located any pictures of my first bike, and haven't written up anything about it.

Also, starting in the summer of 2006 I started taking a yearly motorcycle trip. I've you've made it this deep into my web site you've probably already noticed that I've blogged each of the trips in detail so you can enjoy the experience as well. I hope to be blessed enough to continue to take more trips in the future, and document all of the fun here!

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