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This video has the Tundra Boy back on his drum set, playing a note-for-note cover of the song "Test For Echo" by his favorite band Rush.

We experimented with this video by using three different cameras recording simultaneously. This was a learning process as we had never done a recording so ambitious, and admittedly we're both novices when it comes to video production.

After we were finished, one of the things we immediately noticed was that the main camera quality wasn't as sharp as the other two cameras. The main camera was my old digital video camera I purchased back in 2010. The other two cameras were our cell phones. Apparently technology has progressed in the last eight years to where cell phones have better picture quality than older dedicated video cameras. In any event, this prompted me to purchase a new video camera so hopefully future videos should have better quality going forward.

Regarding details about the song and his performance, I will let the Tundra Boy explain in his own words:

This video was made on 5/7/18.

This particular track was a personal challenge for me as a musician to complete. From the start of my high school freshman year (fall of 2017) I knew that someday I would want to cover this song. Neil Peart being my drumming idol, has paved new paths in the drumming world since he joined Rush in 1975. At the time of the recording of the record "Test For Echo", he had just learned how to apply traditional grip to rock music. The entire album was recorded using this grip. I knew from the start in order to do this song justice, I had to not only replicate his drum track, but also how he played the drum track. When I first became interested in recording this song, I had only just begun using this grip for jazz, and so that was one of many setbacks.

Another problem was my drum setup. Not knowing a lick about how to set up a drum kit, I decided that I should rearrange my entire set. After trial and error, along with a complete reorganization of the hardware, i managed to copy Neil's Clockwork Angels drum set (I saw Rush twice on that tour, best two shows I have ever attended; the first in Minneapolis and the second in Kansas City). Needless to say, this threw me way off course considering that I had never played a setup like that. After a couple of months, I got used to it and became better at drumming than ever before because of it (I would highly suggest switching to this setup if at all possible).

I also had complications in materials. Neil having an x-hat was the biggest one. I had to improvise by placing a ten inch splash (which would normally occupy the spot where the eight inch splash is residing in this video) in the position Neil has his x-hat.

I also did research on other drum covers of this song and was overall unhappy with the quality of them. So, I decided to try and replicate his exact playing by watching his video of Test For Echo in his instructional DVD "A Work In Progress". Then after I figured out what he was doing when, I was able to learn the part and make the video.

I realize that this is far from perfect and I don't pretend to play to Peart's level by any means, but I enjoy a good challenge, and the more experience and practice you can get the better, right? Thank you for watching this video and I am thoroughly surprised if you have read this far down.

Oh, and yes, my drum set's name is Zoe.

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