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A Neck Through "V" Style Guitar

A Neck Through "V" Style Guitar

Instrument Completed On 02/18/2006

Instrument Completed On 02/18/2006

The specs on the guitar are as follows:

  • Body: Body wings made from cherry, maple and bookmatched walnut front and back, classic "V" shape, tune-o-matic bridge, string-through design, Dunlop strap locks.

  • Neck: Neck-through design, curly maple, cherry and walnut laminates, ebony fretboard, mother-of-pearl "T" inlay at 12th fret, Gotoh tuners, graphite nut, dual-action truss rod.

  • Electronics: Seymour Duncan Custom-Custom in the bridge, and Jazz in the neck, volume control, 5 way "P" style super switch (gives same pickup combinations as a PRS), strat-style output jack plate on rear.

  • Finish: Tru-Oil

First, here are some shots of the whole guitar:
Front ViewFront View

Here's some close-ups of the body. The thickest portion of the body wood is cherry, with 1/4" laminations of maple and walnut. The decorative "V" string plate is made from cherry.
Front ViewFront View

These are pictures of the back. This gives a good view of the curly maple in the neck, the bookmatched walnut faces and the control cavity cover cut from the walnut:
Back View
Back View Back View

Finally, some shots of the front and back of the headstock:
Headstock FrontHeadstock Back

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