Life on the frozen tundra of South Dakota Life on the frozen tundra of South Dakota

Note that the content of this page hasn't been updated since early 2005. I kept meaning to get around to it, but other things would always come up. I stumbled across the page again recently, and now the nostalgia keeps me from changing things. So, enjoy this slice of vintage Tundra Boy pictures...

Okay, this is kind of an old picture. I need to get a newer one.

Okay, my wife has been giving me grief because I haven't updated this page since I first put it up about a year ago. My bad. She's supposed to be writing up something to post on this page (which I've been instructed I need to take and make witty, whatever that means.)

Until then, I've just added a few pictures from throughout the year...

Here's his eighteen month pictures from the photographer:

Little baseball player (mom's team.)

Here's what he really looked like at eighteen months:

Eighteen months old and on the run.

I believe this one was around 22 months. He's playing with Chocolate and Rodney, our guinea pigs.

Playing with the guinea pigs.

For the Christmas pageant at church this year, Tyler played the part of a sheep. He wound up not staying on the stage very much. My dad called him, "the sheep that went astray." Here's a picture of him wearing the costume he wore in the play. He's about 24 months old in this shot.

The sheep that went astray.

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